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7 Points Guide To Flood Damage Removal Service Las Vegas Nevada

Dealing with the aftermath of a flood damage can be time consuming and much of an ordeal. What with you probably having to move a lot of your furniture around and mop up the excess water still trapped inside your property, no one would judge you if you decide to employ a professional flood damage removal service Las Vegas Nevada.

As a matter of fact, it is highly advised that you leave the entire restoration process to the professionals as they are better equipped to handle these situations. If you however decide to perform the cleanup yourself, then here is a seven point guide to help you out.

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  1. Inform Your Insurance Company

If it’s possible, do not touch a single thing until someone from your insurance company has come to check out the state of things. However, water damage needs to be remediated as soon as possible, so delay is dangerous. Thus, just inform them of the development, take pictures or videos if necessary, then move on to step 2.

  1. Cut Out The Electricity If Possible

You know well that water and electricity do not mix at all. So, locate your home’s electricity main switch and turn it off. This is assuming you can access the switch without putting yourself in harm’s way, if that’s not possible, then call a licensed electrician to do so. Even if you can put the main switch off, you still have to call a licensed electrician to inspect your property and determine if it’s safe.

  1. Remove Excess Water

You can use a wet vacuum to do this, but seeing how this is not always obtainable in a home, you can use mops, buckets, and a lot of rags. Remember to wear gloves and rubber boots before you commence the cleaning.

  1. Isolate Affected Items

Affected items such as carpets, furniture, and upholsteries that can be moved should be removed from the room to a place where they can be remediated later on if possible.

  1. Dry The Room

To avoid the growth of mold, you must dry out the room as soon as possible, although this process usually takes longer than desired. To speed up the process, use as many high-powered fans as possible and dehumidifiers also.

  1. Open Up The Walls And Floors

Water has ways of creeping into tight spaces like your walls and floors, so they could be lodged in there and you wouldn’t know. To dispel any fear you might have, open up your floorboards and walls. If there is moisture in there, then take the drying process there as well.

  1. Cleaning And Sanitization

Now that you have exposed all the possible places water could have gotten into, you should use appropriate cleaning solutions and industrial-powered disinfectants to thoroughly clean your home. The cleaning and sanitizing process should be repeated more than once for the best result.

The above steps are more of preliminaries to flood damage cleanup rather than the real thing itself because flood damages can extend farther than one would expect. So, to be sure that your home is completely remediated, you should call on professional flood damage removal service Las Vegas Nevada


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