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House cleaning tips for parents with their newborn baby around

Every milestone of a baby is a parent’s achievement. But with every milestone, your house keeps on getting messed up and turns into a disaster zone.

During the first year of your parenting, you tend to have a blind eye towards the dirty dishes in the sink, up to the brim laundry and all the messed up corners of your house.

Along with these, you also have the sight of crayoned up walls, crushed cereal on the carpets and the house filled with toys.

The dirty side of cleaning

A cleaning job can be a daunting task when you have a newborn in your house.  It becomes complicated and also time-consuming. As a new parent, you may be exhausted at the end of the day.

Without a doubt, the time with the baby is blissful, but house cleaning requires a lot of hard work and effort.

In Ireland and everywhere around the world, many parents take this as a cause of concern and worry about their house looks.

There may be sudden guests in your house or a friend giving you a surprise. This is also worrisome as a messed up house can be the source of germs for your little one.

You can work on cleaning your house and be innovative in your approach. Or you can seek support for cleaning your house. The new baby experience should make you happy and not drain you out.

Sometimes, parents are already in a problematic state of mind because of other factors such as financial or emotional that they cannot see the importance of home cleaning while there is a baby at home.

Many parents take personal loans in Ireland for bad credit and get stuck in a debt trap. Every parent needs to keep their house clean as it is good for them and for the baby too.

Ways to clean your house with a newborn baby


  1. Get down to the baby level

Usually, babies like to play and crawl on the floor. You can get down to their level and spend some good time playing with your baby on the floor. Babies love to play on the floor, and these little gems won’t hurt them.

But cleaning is an essential task with a baby in the house. While playing with your baby, it will be easier for you to clean some of the runway items that will be out of your baby’s reach, and they can play safely.

  1. Play a cleaning game

The best time to clean your house is while your baby is asleep. But if you are too tired to carry out the cleaning task at that time, you can be creative with your approach.

Many kids like to play and help their parents with different tasks. You can convert this cleaning task and other basic household chores into a game and involve your kids.

Kids love getting responsibilities, so you can give them the responsibility of any one thing such as collecting all the toys and putting them in the basket.

This can save a lot of your time and is a great help in your house cleaning task.

  1. Keep visitor zones separate

The best way is to keep your visitor’s zone separate from your kids’ area. You can prioritize the rooms and segregate them from each other.

When there are no visitors, you can keep the doors closed in the visitor’s room. If your family or friends plan to visit you, you can probably plan your schedule and space accordingly.

  1. Have a cleanup box in every room

One of the best and convenient tips is to the cleanup basket in every room.

This will help you uncluttered all the mess in no time and will keep your house clean. This will take your very little time and give you instant results.

  1. Keep the windows open

Fresh air and light are very important in a house as it gets all the fresh and positive vibes inside the house and makes it lively and vibrant. Also, it removes the entire odour and energizes the whole place.

  1. Clean while they sleep

Infants have irregular sleeping patterns, and you can make use of the irregular patterns. It may get hectic for you, but gradually you will be used to this routine.

The most important thing amidst all these things is your health, and you should take care of your health. Once your baby sleeps, you can also sleep and take a rest. Bit, if you have got some sleep prior, you can start with your cleaning mission.

  1. Grab all the effective cleaning tools

Cleaning can be an exhausting task sometimes, but you have to make it easy for you. You can seek support or get some effective cleaning tools for your house that will make the process easy for you.

If you do not have the right types of equipment, it can be felt like a burden.  For example, get a powerful vacuum cleaner that can help you to clean up the mess in seconds.

Also, the mobility factor should be kept in mind. Since you have to shift that equipment at different places, they should be light right or easily movable.


Raising a baby is challenging, at the same time, a rewarding task. Along with raising a baby, keeping your home is also an essential task that you should do in the right way.

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