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How can UIPath help you advance your career?

If you are contemplating treading a new career path that promises job stability, fatter paychecks and work-life balance in this twenty-first century, then pursuing a robotic automation course is your one-stop solution. And, without a doubt, there is no better robotic process automation (RPA) tool available today than UiPath. 

UiPath is an automation and robotics solution for large-scale end-to-end control. It provides companies with tools to automate standardized operating processes in order to speed up company change. It uses a range of techniques to turn labour-intensive tasks into process automation.

Given that a huge number of companies are increasingly using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) for their day-to-day work, UiPath roles provide a wide range of lucrative job opportunities for both freshers and experienced professionals. Enroll in a UiPath Course to grow your career.

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Careers with UiPath

UiPath careers are currently one of the most in-demand options. In the field of software technology, advancements in automated processes have created various opportunities. Both start-ups and established firms are looking for individuals who can manage simple to complex tasks, thus the number of job possibilities in this industry will undoubtedly grow.

Let’s see some of the most high-rated jobs that you can avail of from UiPath training.

  •         RPA Process Analyst – In existing client workflows, the RPA Business Analyst will identify and document opportunities for process redesign and RPA deployment. The RPA Business Analyst will serve as a liaison between business and technology, delivering tailored solutions for clients.
  •         RPA UiPath Developer –RPA is a software technology that enables creating, deploying, and managing software robots that replicate gestures while working with digital systems and software straightforwardly.
  •         Automation Engineer/ Developer – Robotics engineers work in the fields of factory automation, data integration, and warehouse robotization to design, create, build, and manage products and machinery.
  •         RPA UiPath Lead –You’ll be responsible for researching, creating, and executing robotics, and process solutions using Automation Anywhere Technologies as a Technical Lead (RPA).


Skills Required in UiPath Careers

What RPA skills are required to become an ideal RPA developer? Here are a few of the skills that are required to start your career in the RPA field: Check this UiPath Tutorial. Let’s check a few of them.

  •         Hands-on expertise with leading RPA technologies such as UiPath, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere
  •         In-depth knowledge and understanding of the RPA lifecycle and automation creation 
  •         Programming capabilities: Java, .NET, C, or C++
  •         Knowledge of database query language: SQL
  •         Thorough knowledge and command of HTML and JavaScript scripting languages
  •         Knowledge of fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Companies hiring UiPath Learners

UiPath careers are currently one of the most in-demand options. In the field of software architecture, advancements in digitalization have created various opportunities. Some of the most well-known firms that engage UiPath professionals include:

  • IBM
  • Deloitte
  • BirlaSoft
  • UiPath
  • Cognizant

UiPath has played a crucial role in the field of robotic process automation at a time when everyone is talking about robotics and how it has transformed the dynamics of the world. Because UiPath is the industry leader in RPA, employees have more chances to learn and use it in their daily routines.

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