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How to Manage Multiple SEO Projects at Once?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become one of the biggest contributors to the success of the online business. Its reason is that well-managed SEO campaigns are allowing businessmen to get a higher ranking in the SERP. When your business website will get a higher ranking in the SERP, it will receive more visitors. Due to more visitors, you may increase your conversions. If you want to stay on track by managing all the SEO tasks, you will have to get the help of the SEO managers. The SEO managers have to manage multiple SEO projects at once. Here, we will discuss the best tips to manage multiple SEO projects at once. But before that If you are interested in this field, it’s recommended you join an Online Digital Marketing course today. if you want to rank your website then check SEO consultant Melbourne.


Create and Stick to Monthly Deliverable Schedules:

If you want to manage multiple SEO projects, you will have to understand your clients. Now, the problem is that some clients can’t understand the SEO tasks. Its reason is that you will have to manage two kinds of SEO tasks. First, there come tangible SEO tasks. Your clients can easily see these tasks. In these tasks, there comes updating headings and internal linking etc. Secondly, there come intangible SEO tasks. The clients can’t see these tasks. In these tasks, there comes link building, updating canonical tags and fixing errors etc. To satisfy the clients, you will have to provide deliverables before the time. For example, you can provide these deliverables at least a month before. After making these deliverables, you should give dates for the completion of these tasks.


After providing this schedule to the clients, you should stick to this schedule. When you will stick to this schedule, you will have something to show to clients at the end of the month. At the end of the month, you can include the things that you have completed. When you will follow this kind of technique to manage multiple SEO projects, you can get lots of benefits. First, it is the best way to make your SEO work tangible for the clients. Secondly, it provides a chance to the clients that you are meeting their deadlines. At last, it is also providing enough help for the prioritization of the daily tasks.


Make the Best Use of Project Management Software:

As an SEO professional, you can’t manage multiple SEO projects at once without using project management software. When you will look into the market, you will find several project management tools. Thetoolsto manage multiple SEO projects are Asana, Trello and FreedCamp etc. These project management tools allow SEO professionals to load the SEO tasks. After loading these tasks, you can also add due dates for these SEO tasks. You should include due dates 2 to 3 days before the prior date. When you will include the due dates, these tools will send reminders. As a result, you can’t miss the deadlines of the clients. You can also prioritize the tasks by using these tools. This is the best way to stay on track.


Ensure Communication and Collaboration:

If you want to ensure the success of your projects, you will have to get full support from all the stakeholders. You will have to provide complete information to them about your plans. For this reason, we can’t deny the importance of effective communication and collaboration. In the stakeholders of SEO, there comes tech SEO, content manager, SEO strategist and much more. When they will practice effective communication, they will know that all the team members are performing their duties. For effective communication and collaboration, we can’t deny the importance of project management tools. These tools allow the users to comment on the tasks. These tools also allow them for internal messaging. They are also providing a central hub to the users to store the information.


Review Your Daily Tasks:

According to a dissertation help firm, when you will use a project management tool, you can easily set up deliverables along with due dates. This thing will make it easy to you to manage multiple SEO projects. By using this tool, you can easily review your daily tasks. You should start your day by reviewing the daily tasks. After completing the daily tasks, you should review the tasks for tomorrow. When you will review these tasks, you can mentally prepare yourself for these tasks. Here, you should also try to complete the SEO tasks of one client at a time. After completing his tasks, you can move towards other tasks. If you will work on these tasks simultaneously, you may have to face some problems to manage these tasks. In some cases, you can’t complete a specific task in a day. Under such a situation, you should give priority to this task on the next day.


Stay Focused:

If you are trying to manage multiple SEO projects, you may have to face some problems to stay focused. You may get interrupted by notifications, calls and messages etc. When you will get these notifications, you may get off the task. Instead of checking messages and emails all the time, you should allocate a specific time of the day to check these messages and emails. Sometimes, you are showing disciplines to check these emails. Under such a situation, your brain will also take almost 64 seconds to recover from it. No doubt, it might not seem enough time to you. When you will add it for the whole day, this time will go in minutes. Along with emails, you can also get distracted from phone calls and meetings. Therefore, you should stay away from them.



For the success of your online business, we can’t deny the importance of SEO. Manage SEO tasks is a real challenge for businessmen. That’s why they are hiring SEO professionals to manage these tasks. Some SEO professionals have to manage multiple SEO projects at once. If you want to manage these SEO tasks at once, you will have to follow some essential steps. First, you should satisfy the clients by creating monthly deliverables. To complete these deliverables, you will have to stick to a schedule. Secondly, you can make use of the management tools. Thirdly, you can ensure communication and collaboration between all the team members. At last, you should focus on the SEO tasks by staying away from distractions.

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