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How to trade on FXCM South africa

If you want to trade on FXCM south Africa then you are at right place.

FXCM is a forex broker company that provides a platform where brokers can buy and sell their currencies.

The brokers that are on forex are known as retail forex brokers. They make an account on FXCM south Africa or any FXCM company to the available market 24/7 to trade their currencies. FXCM also provides investment banks to their clients and investors.

Where is FXCM located?

There are different branches of FXCM, like the offices are available in Germany, South Africa, and many other countries. Still, its headquarter is in London that offers customer support services to clients in all branches. FXCM is also partnered with local companies. The brokers in FXCM south Africa also grant access to their clients, and now FXCM has become a truly global broker.

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FXCM is providing a great platform for the best trading experience and has become an award-winning station. It also provides many services to clients like mobile applications, education, and suggesting trading strategies.



To open an account on forex, select your country name and select your platform to perform trading.


An application page will appear. Enter your personal information to open an account.


Enter your desired username and password and agree on the agreement. 

Now you have logged into FXCM South Africa or any other FXCM account.

Is FXCM safe or a scam

FXCM is a real platform. Its services are secure and transparent. Other linked companies are also strictly checked, like ASIC and FXCM South Africa. So it is a safe and secure platform that doesn’t involve any risk.


There is one account at FXCM South Africa where you will perform trading. You can create a demo account and then open a live account for a better experience. Live account will need your ID and proof and residency.

FXCM is suitable for beginners as it provides welcome bonuses to attract investors. It also provides an Active trader account. It is a premium account that will offer high-volume services you are an active trader, and then an active trader account is best for you as it also offers discount prices on your trade.


  • FSCA regulates FXCM South Africa. It is also secured with FCA and ASIC, which is why it is safe and secure.
  • It is great to spread for competitors.
  • FXCM South Africa offers a $20 welcome bonus if you deposit $50.
  • Phone number is also available in FXCM South Africa.

 FXCM Cons

  • It does not offer the MT5 platform, and it uses MT4 platform
  • It does not use several trading instruments.
  • If you are an inactive member, they charge a $50 fee.
  • Customer support service is not so responsive.

Final Thoughts

FXCM is a great choice for algorithmic forex traders due to its wide range of related platform options. Traders can use algorithmic trading and advanced charting tools on any of FXCM’s platforms.

FXCM also caters to beginners with its educational materials and user-friendly platforms. Best in Class for forex and CFD trading, including platform and tools, mobile trading, and ease of use.

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