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Passport Photo Maker: Interesting features of

Meta-description: Looking for a perfect online passport photo maker? We have provided all the amazing features you need to create a passport photo, ID phto or visa photo in any size.


The modern and digitalized world has created ease in every aspect of life by providing online solutions. The same is the case of online passport photo maker which saves one’s time and energy to go to the studio, especially for this purpose. Now, you can take your smartphone anywhere anytime and click the best passport picture in a second.

There are a large number of options for creating this feature to a simple photo. Moreover, you can use such software to remove the background of an image. Then you can use this image for your passport in various sizes.

What are the features of a passport photo maker?

The passport image-maker provides a large number of amazing features to the users. Let’s discuss some of them in the following:

  • You can automatically remove the background of your portrait image by using this software.
  • After removing the background, you can replace it with a white background or any other color as background for your ID photo.
  • Moreover, it provides various sizes of these edited photographs
  • You can adjust the size according to the official requirement in different countries for visa photos, passport photos, or an ID photo.
  • This app has a feature that automatically centres your photo
  • You can edit, resize, or crop this face-centred photograph into any size you want
  • After completing these steps, you can save the file in any format
  • It should be noted that the common formatting styles are PNG and JPG
  • You can also add a range of suit designs and templates into your online passport photo
  • This app also allows the users to preview their passport photo
  • And the users can get a print copy of this finalized version with a printer at home at the right size and format.


In this article, we have provided the features of which a person can use as a passport photo maker. In addition, you can install this software on your Microsoft window or smartphone. All you need to do is to take out your smartphone, upload a photo, and make required edits. After applying the required features, you can save this passport photo on your phone.


In addition, it’s not a time taking process. You can create your passport or visa photo in just a few seconds by using various software applications. is using AI to help photo editing and they have various tools for you to explore as well, such as Image Background Remover, Video Background Remover, Photo Retouch, Photo Enhancer, Cartoonizer, Photo Animer to animate photos, Photo Background Blur, etc.

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