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Stages In Construction Of Parking Lot

Work on a parking lot consists of a sequence of stages that matter to the proper execution of the project, and lasting durability and functionality.

Different Professionals are hired such as Site Clearance Professionals, paving contractors, Landscaping Professionals, etc. Through the collective effort of these professionals can a parking lot be successfully constructed.

Site Preparation:

The first step in the construction of a parking lot involves site preparation, the stage in which the project area is cleared of any obstacles, such as existing structures, plants, and debris that can stand in the way of the pending project.

Digging up the soil, rock, or other material that could be suitable for building or construction work is possible. With balanced grading and leveling of the entire site, a proper slope and water drainage becomes important to avoid water pooling and soil erosion.

Base Preparation:

After the site gets ready, along with grading, the main purpose is base preparation that lays the way for an examination from foundation construction.

Consequently, the settlement of the same goes to install the groundwork of aggregate materials, for instance, crushed stone, and compact it to reach a straight and flat surface.


The top stage of parking lot design is paving; this is where the actual surface material that is being used is applied to the finished base.

Asphalt and concrete are the widely accepted paving materials for parking lots since every one of them has its associated benefits of functionality, affordability, and perspectives.

At paving the selected compounds are laid in, smoothened, and compacted to get the required thickness as well as flat and smooth surface.

Striping and Marking:

The last step is to pave the lot and leave the material to cure as long as required.

Then parking lot striping and marking are done to divide the area into parking spaces, driving lanes, sidewalks for pedestrians, and other parts of the lot.

This stage is about using paint or thermoplastic that will withstand environmental factors and this will serve as markings that are durable, highly visible, and applied using stencils, templates, or striping machines.

Landscaping and Amenities:

In this primary phase, the basic infrastructure for the parking lot is laid, then decoration and additional services are added to better explain the parking lot’s image and advanced functionality.

This could be done by planting trees, shrubs, or grassy patches; and installing the irrigation system; and land development can be done by adding lighting, signage, benches, trash receptacles, and bicycle racks.

Final Inspection and Completion:

The final stage of parking lot construction involves a detailed review to determine whether all the aspects of the project are of quality standard, specifications, and compliance with professional and legal provisions.

If any downtown during the inspection, they try to mitigate and improve those deficiencies instead of ignoring them and letting the community use them; nevertheless, when they deem that the parking lots are ready to be officially opened to the public, only then it can be opened. These actions may further require securing needed permits and certifications.


Through various stages of parking lot construction, contractors make building a facility as per client’s requirements, functional and safe as well for the users and this offers a versatile parking environment.

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