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Social Media Monitoring for Marketing Campaigns

Social media monitoring is the act of tracking all your company’s social accounts in one place. It can help brands see what people are saying, which may influence their opinion and purchase intent for future purchases or promotions, or at least give an idea of where they hear about their products!

The idea behind tracking social trends comes from a need to maintain awareness regarding current affairs so that you can stay up-to-date on all things going around specific communities online, such as politics or sports figures’ endorsements. It also allows brands to have better insight into their customers’ opinions through surveys that they would otherwise miss out on if they only focused marketing efforts at physical stores.

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For instance, Netbase Quid has a unique feature that makes monitoring worthwhile. It can show a range of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as comparing the number of followers against the active ones. It can also display information such as grouping followers by age or gender. This can help businesses understand where they stand among their competitors and how they can tailor their products.


Social Media Monitoring for Marketing Campaigns

The value of properly tracking and measuring various social metrics is invaluable for marketers and their companies. By using social media monitoring tools, brands can gain insight into what people are saying about their brand on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It allows them to track relevant data such as sentiment analysis, demographics of social media users, and social influencers to engage with. These are all things that can be vital for your next marketing campaign.

Brands can:

  • Discover new opportunities and uncover customer needs in real-time will make it easier for your company to adapt quickly.
  • Track metrics such as sentiment analysis, demographics of social media users, or engagement levels, among other data points, which is invaluable information when creating a successful follow-up to an existing campaign.


Components to consider for Social Media Monitoring

There should be some components, such as the right tools and techniques to ensure that brands can achieve the best results.

Others include:

Sentiment analysis: It should be the main component because it will tell how people feel about something, whether positive or negative. This information can help create effective strategies based on what they think about a particular product or service.


Correct order: It would be better to identify social media networks that will be a part of their targeted market. Social network monitoring is different from social media marketing which means there should always be a strategic plan for better results and success.


Tracking Conversations Online

One of the biggest mistakes companies make during their marketing campaigns is not monitoring and listening to social conversations. Marketers must keep up with what people say about them and how those comments affect their bottom line. The best way to do this is through social media monitoring software such as Netbase Quid.

They allow brands to see who’s talking about them online, where those mentions happen (i.e., social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter), and even sentiment analysis around specific or phrases within posts explicitly related to the brand.

However, the brands should use social media experts for their social listening tools. These can identify critical comments and provide feedback to the company’s social team about what people are saying online and responding correctly.


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