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What are the different methods of study?

Many students feel that study is a process of reading, memorising facts and presenting them in the examination. However, studying is a process of reading, understanding, connecting the concepts with real-life applications and learning them. To perform well in academics one must follow a few study methods and cultivate good study habits. The study method and techniques adapted by a student must be followed properly throughout the academic session to maintain academic standards.  In this article, let us discuss a few study methods that help students study actively.

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Notes-making is mandatory

Writing down the notes while studying is an essential practice to excel in academics. This helps the students to write down important points and also helps to grasp things effectively.

This study method gives an ample amount of knowledge. One can use various methods such as tables, flow charts, and diagrams to jot down the vital points. Notes-making is a basic step of the learning process. The concepts are understood easily and one will have a crystal clear idea about them. The notes are written crisply for easy grasping and it aids further revision at the time of examination.

Practice is the key

Practising or solving questions based on the concepts that are studied has several advantages. This method helps to know how much we know about the topic and also gives us a good understanding of the subject. One can make practice a habit by solving a few questions after every chapter by using books such as Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur solutions.

On practising more, one will improve his writing skills, and the ability to write answers on his own by understanding the fundamentals of the concept.

Perfect study space

The study space where one sits to study aids in staying focused. The study space must consist of essential study materials like books and writing materials. Things that generate distractions like laptops, mobiles and other electronic gadgets must be kept away from this place. A clean study space is a window for a good study environment and one can indulge in studying more without any interruptions. Concentration and the urge to study peacefully is aided by having a relaxed and perfect study space. A good study environment enables one to be more productive and gives fruitful results.



A student must be capable of conducting a self-examination, where one has to ask questions to oneself and solve them. After every chapter, knowledge gained from the subject must be examined. One can take up a written examination, oral examination or write a summary of the entire lesson. Solving a few questions after every chemistry chapter from Lakhmir Singh Chemistry Class 10 will help one face examinations easily.  One will get a certain idea on how much more attention is required in the weak areas and which part of the concept is clearly understood. Self-examination also helps in improving time management during the examination and is a good tool for self-assessment.

Revision before the test

Before the test, just completing the syllabus is not enough. Along with that, one has to have a quick revision before the test. One must go through the maths formulas, physics equations, chemistry symbols before the test. This ensures that the subject matter is fresh in the mind and will not create any kind of confusion at the last minute of the examination.  Revision also helps in brushing up forgotten concepts and reading them again. Revision doesn’t mean reading the entire chapter; it means to glance at the vital points taken down while making notes.

Study techniques or methods may vary from one person to another. Learners are of different kinds but ultimately, study techniques and methods adopted by each student are more or less the same. Having a proper study method and following it in a proper pattern on a routine basis will bring good academic results. Studies have shown that students who follow study hacks and methods tend to grasp more content and retain it longer. Having a proper study method and pattern is a must to excel and meet the academic standards.


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